Will you show me how to set up a cot?

He actually hurt himself.

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Could you repeat that slower?

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Peggy doesn't know any of the details yet.

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I have to run faster to catch up with him.

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Shut up, you idiot!

Tallinn is the capital of Estonia.

The drug ice can fetch an estimated $1 million per kilogram on the streets.

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Claire pronounces my name wrong.

Could you keep my bags here until four?

Something horrible happened in the busy square.

I just want Judy to get well.

The city is big.

I often have a cold in the winter.

The university conferred its highest degree on him.

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I'd like to get to know you better.

What's the purpose of your trip?

The boys are playing with their Erector Set.

She answered my letter soon.

As part of their mission to explore Mars, NASA launched twin robotic rovers on June 10 and July 7, 2003. For landing, each rover was encased in a beach ball - like apparatus with a parachute attached


Torture is a crime against humanity.

I'm afraid you don't.

I feel awkward in his presence.

I don't wholly agree with you.

Ilya is shearing the sheep.

I often dream of the same scene.

She can't control herself.


We're in the middle of an argument here.

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They are too far in debt to get the small business loan.

Children must go to bed early without watching television.

The work was held up for three weeks.


There shouldn't be anyone here.

I've had enough of your snide remarks.

I just need to talk to her.

He's got enough money to buy a house.

The cockerel's splendid red cockscomb is thought to play a part in determining gender and breed.

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My brother didn't like her from the first time he met her.

Eliot is extremely drunk.

You may answer the question.

You must be hiding something.

He often quotes Milton.

I asked him to make four copies of the letter.

Go on, but in Finnish.

That does not prevent them from taking just as many books.

It being very cold, they stayed at home.

The pottery was baked by fire.

Be yourself.

He sent his son to an English boarding school.

I found that I had left my umbrella behind in the classroom.

I went out to find food.

You've told him, haven't you?

You're pushing your luck.

Reiner can't trick me.

You helped him, didn't you?

Hear, O Israel! The Lord is our God, the Lord is one.


What is your ultimate summer song?

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Is it going to snow?

Joshua is slowing us down.

Before deciding to buy it, I tried on the jacket to see if it would fit.


I'm quite certain that's the truth.

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I could write Martyn a note if it would help.


It's my full-time job.

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The game got rained out.

I did say that, but I didn't mean it.

Dan hid the gun in a locker.

I wrote the composition in haste, so it must be full of mistakes.

Have you told Dominic?

Omar uses cannabis for medical reasons.

Please allow me to finish.

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Connie was selfish.

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Tari Ito was found guilty.

Why is she hiding?

I ran into your mother in the library.

You want my picture?

Chuck isn't the champion.

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Why don't you call them?

Do you guys need some help?

He is vehemently opposed to political correctness.

I'd really like to help.

The garden was full of beautiful yellow flowers.


Dan failed to remove all the biological evidence.


We're making some progress.

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She decided to resign her job.

This morning, I left for school without washing my face.

Bernard was perfectly safe.


They hate me 'cause they ain't me!


You are made to be a poet.

To think one is a character is very common in France.

Vladimir first met Annard when they were in high school.


He raised his eyebrows.

The Ferris wheel is my favorite.

Pratt likes to play in the dirt.

Carlos put out the fire with a bucket of water.

I'm not going to do it again.


We only have three options.


We sell metal, paper, and wooden plates.


I have no idea how much it costs.

A train is going to leave soon.

I don't need your help.

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Put your mask on.


I love cats.


He's a modern boy.

I thought you'd be hungry.

He had barely enough to eat.

Marion was sophisticated.

Does your dog bark at him?

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That's your problem, not mine.


The atheist completely flummoxed her opponent in the debate by asking, "And who created God?"

They were too tired to fight.

Abbiati and Ambrosini asked to cancel the game and reschedule it due to the great shock at the loss of their dear friend Simoncelli.

Debbie and Vick are sitting on the porch drinking coffee.

He has a son and two daughters.


This is your wine.


Piete wasn't sure how to respond to Ji's question.

This is pretty extreme.

The rumor spread all over the town.

Miss Green taught me English.

He headed out to the country.

Triantaphyllos invited me to a party at his home.

What've you done to her?

Being poor is expensive.

Look what I made for them.

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Desperate needs lead to desperate deeds.


Hang in there, Jem. Don't die.

That is why he wasn't present at the meeting.

When did you last see Oleg?

She will turn sixty-five years old tomorrow.

I told you that I wasn't going to give up.

Sho crashed.

Men, women, boys, and girls, they're all people.

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This girl is a loser.


Who loves me more than anything?

His explanation was quite above me.

I was given a new jacket.

Izzy let this golden opportunity go by.

For the past two weeks, Steve has been working non-stop to prepare for the press conference.

After a short visit, he suddenly stood up and said he was leaving.

You won't make it!

I have never heard of him since.

You have time.

Can I go with them?

Neither of them seemed too worried.

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When did you paint your bicycle?

We aren't very organized, are we?

Thanks. Could I return it to you instead?

Siping wanted to say goodbye to Dan.


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Attachment isn't compassion.

You're not like me.

You always seem to be very busy.


Do you know the meaning of "climate refugee"?


This book is worth reading again.


This is a very sturdy chair to sit in.

My father usually watches TV after dinner.

I think it's time for you to go home.